The Morocco Berry Conference will gather berry professionals in other to make contacts, share ideas and discuss their technical and commercial issues.

This year the event is running virtual which will give us the opportunity to reunite the best expert and berry key players from around the globe.

We will be using the latest virtual event technology in other to provide conference session and also virtual exhibition possibilities. The Morocco Berry Conference will offer the great place of knowledge and networking.

Morocco Berry conference will be the most important berry event in the region with more than 300 expected participants



Kimitec® is a biotechnology multinational company based in Spain and dedicated to the research, development and marketing of biopesticides, biostimulants, prebiotics and probiotics for the farming industry.

Over 15 years ago, Kimitec® set out to become the alternative to synthetic chemicals in agriculture, putting consumer health, respect for the environment and natural productivity at the heart of agricultural production.


UNITEC is an international group specialized in designing and manufacturing innovative

technologies for the handling, the quality selection and the packing of fresh fruit and vegetables.
For over 95 years, UNITEC has been improving fruit and vegetables processing quality in the several countries of the world where it operates, providing technological solutions and
services based on innovation and with the highest standards in terms of reliability and profitability
for its Customers.
At an international level, UNITEC has created its own network of operational branches in some of the leading fruit and vegetables producing Countries (Washington, California and Oregon in the USA, France, Spain, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Turkey, Russia, Australia and Canada) and a sales structure that allows it to meet clients’ requirements in over 65 Countries where it

We’re a US-based company with a keen focus on blueberry genetics, plants and grower support delivered to the world’s premier blueberry growers. From our humble beginnings in Lowell, Oregon nearly 40 years ago, we now also have wholly-owned nurseries in Mexico, Peru and Spain. Additionally, we have built a global team of the finest breeders, researchers, propagators and nursery professionals, grower support technicians, sales and customer service experts and more. We’re a deeply planted link in a global chain, ready to serve our customers and our industry throughout North, Central and South America, Greater Europe and North Africa. Our mission is to serve the growers and to support the blueberry industry, helping to ensure growers maximize success through our delivery of the best genetics and plants, technical know-how and global market intelligence. To fulfill our mission, we focus on cultivating exceptional plants, building strong relationships and providing responsive customer service. This is all part of how we’re helping to build A World with Better BlueberriesTM.

Advanced Berry Breeding has specialized into raspberry, and only raspberry breeding these past decades. Focusing on a single specie led us to select strictly the best varieties, aiming for a perfect match between market requirement and agronomical specifications.
Creating value all along the chain, from grower to final customer has always been ABB’s main concern.
Our tailored selections are produced worldwide, under all kind of climates, by a large range of growers.
The varieties are being tested extendedly and research for the optimal growing conditions has always been in the center of our strategy. By means of our advisor team, the results of the trials are shared with fruit producers and other partners in the value chain.
Our world is changing fast: new challenges as climate, energy and human resources appears more frequently at the beginning of the chain and customer exigence is getting higher on the other end.
At ABB we see it as an opportunity to create, to renew, to innovate: the future is already in our breeding greenhouses, new selections are coming, evolution is on!

MAF RODA AGROBOTIC is a multinational engineering company committed to provide the most innovative and high-end solutions for automation, grading, sorting, and packing in the fresh fruit and vegetables industry.
Our universal technology is completely manufactured in-house, providing an integral solution, from infeed to palletizing, that increases the performance and production of your facilities and simplify the decision making process.
Our most ambitious systems use AI and Big data to provide the most accurate internal and external analysis including colour, shape, diameter, weight, internal and external defects increasing the quality of the end product.


BSK Air Technologies from Serbia was founded in 2003. Our dream from the very beginning was to bring innovative solutions to our clients and transform the existing technologies. All of our knowledge and experience, together with the idea to build something new and daring, led us to develop our KOKAN – Air Berry Harvester

A harvester that creates an artificial storm and collects mature berries without damaging the fruit or the plant is what we succeeded with our new KOKAN technology. A harvester that has the power of two hundred workers and can work in different weather conditions. A machine that is perfect for harvesting berries for the fresh market.
Our intention is to help everybody – from small fruit growers to corporations – to have the perfect quality of fruit ready for the fresh market.


Helping growers to maximise their output more efficiently, effectively and easily and with increased sustainability. We work to achieve that aim every day by producing high quality plastic products for the horticultural sector.  For more than 30 years, Bato has been adding value to the production of (bio)plastic products. We are pioneers in our field and proud of our achievements. We are committed to offering the very best quality for a fair price and with a minimum impact on the environment, backed up by outstanding service levels. Our driving passion is looking for innovative and appropriate solutions – together with growers – that are designed to maximise yields.


The Morocco Berry Conference is 2 immersive days in the berry sector 

Morocco Berry Conference is also Innovation, Technicity, Information, Networking, Business, Opportunities, Market
Morocco Berry Conference 2022 is organized by

 Green Smile is a consulting company which offers innovative trainings and events for producers to improve their way of growing.
We match growers with the best expert in the world to coach them through their technical journey. 

Hortitool Consulting has a focus on technical assistance in 5 main crops – strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and red currant. We are present in 5 countries. Our technical team has over 20 years of experience in the agricultural sector, we are involved in the production of Berries since 2004. We increasingly collaborate within a network of farms and experts all over the world. We maintain regular contact with international consultants and work with professional growers from countries such as Spain, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Australia, and Georgia.

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