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The Morocco Berry Conference will gather berry professionals in other to make contacts, share ideas and discuss their technical and commercial issues.

This year the event is running virtual which will give us the opportunity to reunite the best expert and berry key players from around the globe.

We will be using the latest virtual event technology in other to provide conference session and also virtual exhibition possibilities. The Morocco Berry Conference will offer the great place of knowledge and networking.

Morocco Berry conference will be the most important berry event in the region with more than 500 expected participants

The Morocco Berry Conference is 2 immersive days in the berry sector 

Morocco Berry Conference is also

Innovation, Technicity, Information, Networking, Business, Opportunities, Market

Morocco Berry Conference 2021 is organized by 


Green Smile is a consulting company which offers innovative trainings and events for producers to improve their way of growing.
We match growers with the best expert in the world to coach them through their technical journey. 



Hortitool Consulting has a focus on technical assistance in 5 main crops – strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and red currant. We are present in 5 countries. Our technical team has over 20 years of experience in the agricultural sector, we are involved in the production of Berries since 2004. We increasingly collaborate within a network of farms and experts all over the world. We maintain regular contact with international consultants and work with professional growers from countries such as Spain, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Australia, and Georgia.

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