Planasa – Spain

I started working at Planasa 8 years ago, as a Blueberry Breeder for the development of new varieties of blueberries and in 2019, we launched 6 new blueberry varieties: BlueManila, BlueMadeira, BlueMalibu, BlueMarina, BlueMaldiva and BlueMasirah, which are in full development in EMEA, Asia, America and Australia. Currently, I’m Plant Breeding Manager, Blueberries & Global Blueberry Advisor at PLANASA and my duties include: managing Planasa’s Blueberry Breeding Programmes, collaboration and direct technical advice in blueberry nurseries EMEA, America and Asia and other partners, implementation of the development of new blueberry varieties (EMEA, América and Asia) and technical advices on all matters related to blueberries in the company. 

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