Philippe Alléau heads the ATP Conseil firm. Since 2004, he has been advising regional industrial groups in Morocco on their HR/Management strategy. From 2010, he developed with French partners an expertise in the field of technical assistance with water and electricity distribution companies and Bassin Agencies, in particular with regard to the problem of water, liquid sanitation, reuse of wastewater. , recovery of Step by-products, in particular sewage sludge.

Also, coordinated a mission on behalf of the ABH Souss Massa (2018-20), piezometer instrumentation, with the aim of monitoring groundwater in the Chtouka aquifer, with the aim of evaluating the dynamics of the marine intrusion of this aquifer.

Since 2016, with GIZ, he has supported the implementation of the Private Sector Adaptation to Climate Change (PSACC) program in Morocco by being approved on the “Climate Expert” standard. Specialized in energy and ecological transitions through MOOC online training (MINES Paris Tech, ENS Lyon, MINES Telecom, ENS/AFD, UVED, University of Geneva – Water management and policy).

In 2018 & 2019, he led on behalf of the ITC (a subsidiary of the UN & WTO) an 8-month mission on the adaptation to climate change of the textile/clothing sector in Morocco.

He is a graduate of the Institute of Political Studies of Bordeaux.

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