Fall Creek is a global leader in blueberry breeding and blueberry plant production. With wholly-owned nurseries in the US, Mexico, Peru, Spain, the Netherlands and South Africa.

Fall Creek delivers the best blueberry varieties, plants and technical support to the world’s leading commercial blueberry growers.

Fall Creek is the only global player who offers specific genetics adapted to all your climatological circumstances.

CMGP, founded in 1995, is today the market leader for irrigation in Morocco owing this to its rich experience and professional expertise. With a comprehensive range of products and through close collaboration with the most important international manufacturers, CMGP covers the distribution of irrigation equipment, the installation of irrigation projects, geo membranes and pumping stations.

Making proximity and convenience a key element of its strategy, CMGP developed a wide distribution network with 10 agencies and more than 700 authorized resellers that cover all the regions of Morocco in an efficient  way.

Fresh Forward is a strawberry and apple-breeding company, its aim is to develop and market varieties that
are adapted to the needs of our customers, growers, traders, retailers and consumers.
Fresh Forward has close ties with Wageningen University & Research: global experts in plant sciences,
trials and molecular breeding. On the other hand, we also work together with Fragaria Holland BV, a
partnership of leading plant propagators. This gives us access to both fundamental and practical
knowledge. The driven team of Fresh Forward consists of people with an enormous amount of knowledge,
to strive for perfection, in recent years we have experienced enormous growth and we will continue to grow
in the coming years.

Cravo is the originator and global leader of automatic retractable roof crop production houses which have now been in operation for 40 years and on 6 continents working with producers of berries, vegetables, herbs, tree fruits, and flowers.   To ensure our customer’s success, our business development team is trained to analyze and integrate your market opportunities, crop requirements, climate constraints and previous customer experiences so that we can design a production system that helps meet your production and financial targets. 

UNITEC is an international group specialized in designing and manufacturing innovative technologies for the handling, the quality selection and the packing of fresh fruit and vegetables.

For over 95 years, UNITEC has been improving fruit and vegetables processing quality in the several countries of the world where it operates, providing technological solutions and services based on innovation and with the highest standards in terms of reliability and profitability for its Customers.

At an international level, UNITEC has created its own network of operational branches in some of the leading fruit and vegetables producing Countries (Washington, California and Oregon in the USA, France, Spain, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Turkey, Russia, Australia and Canada) and a sales structure that allows it to meet clients’ requirements in over 65 Countries where it operates.

MAF RODA AGROBOTIC is a multinational engineering company committed to provide the most innovative and high-end solutions for grading, sorting, quality definition and packing in the fresh fruit and vegetables industry.

Our technology is completely manufactured in-house, providing an integral solution.

Our most ambitious products, such as BERRYWAY and BERRYSCAN that use AI and Big data, are the perfect combination for the gentlest berry sorting. Our systems are able to offer a detailed internal and external analysis, protecting and keeping the bloom, potentially increasing the quality and improving the performance of the facility.


Molari Berries & Breeding: one brand, two souls. Molari Società Agricola S.S: the nursery focused on high-quality berries plants.
G-Berries S.r.l: the company involved in customized research and IP management. Beside blues and blacks, raspberries are our flagship product and we own international patents for the Enrosadira®, Castion® and Aurora® varieties, and also fort the two news Halley and Dorotea. Thanks to our cutting-edge research and development methods, Molari Berries & Breeding is a small company with an high and recognized global relevance. To connect every dots of berries supply chain, from distribution to growers is our daily goal.

CARTON PACK is a 50 years experienced packaging manufacturer in the fresh produce industry. Offering a wide range of printed flexible films, RPET containers and cardboard/paper packaging, the company is committed to social and environmental sustainability, with outstanding lead-time, flexibility and multi-material expertise.

We are Legro, a proud and independent family company with 275 employees. We were founded in 1924 and the fourth generation of Swinkels is currently at the helm. We can truthfully say that we are passionate about raw materials. As passionate as our customers, we work every day, on four continents, on producing the best, tailormade substrates and casing soils for, in particular, soft fruit, vegetable and mushroom growers around the entire globe. To maintain its optimum quality, we like to manage the entire process on our own. Therefore we own our own peat fields, coir treatment plant and blending factories.

Inplants : When grafting expertise meets berry plant propagation.

After twenty years of developing grafting techniques in Morocco, Inplants wanted to maintain and strengthen its leading position by conquering the berry propagation market before any other Moroccan commercial nursery. This was achieved in 2018, with a first partnership in raspberry propagation.

Three years later, Inplants counts 7 strong partners in Morocco, propagates two additional species (blackberries and blueberries), and has added the effective acclimatization of in-vitro cultured plants to its service offer, for a total annual production of over 5 million plants.

The transparency of our activity is our strength: as a propagation service provider only, we guarantee our customers unlimited and real-time access to all of the production data (germination, success rates, process duration, etc.) and, obviously, to the undisputable safety of their plants’ genetics.

Customer satisfaction and the quality of our plants are and will remain our priority

Asfertglobal is a company with more than 20 years of accumulated experience in the plant nutritional sector. Our main focus is the development of biofertilizers and biostimulants based on the use of microorganisms and new organic molecules from natural sources as part of our innovative and effective solutions for the nutrition and care of plants. We offer unique solutions for the practice of successful and sustainable agriculture, providing higher yields, improving their efficiency in the use of conventional fertilizers and rationalizing spending while reducing the environmental impact. Currently we are working in 20 countries including Spain, France, Greece, Turkey, USA, South Africa and Russia.

Fibredust is a global leader in coco coir growing media production and distribution. The heart of coir country in India and Sri Lanka is home to our multiple factories. Offices, warehouse and sales operations are located in Cromwell CT. USA.
Fibredust products include many forms of coco coir used for hydroponic farming and growing, compressed blocks, bricks, bales, flat growbags for greenhouse production, 5 gallon and 3 gallon grow bags, coir discs for seed germination and for other growing products. Fibredust welcomes custom orders and provides private label services for many industry leaders.

ARZAK ST  is an active company in the phytopharmaceutical market, seeds, seedlings, foliar fertilizer and hygiene products, doing its possible to make their expertise available for the operators of the agricultural sector. By so, we develop competence and training actions with the entitled parties and producers, by mobilising technical and human resources, well beyond what is required. Innovating is an integral part of our mission. Our vision is client-centred, to give innovative answers to the changing needs of the producers, in partnership with our foreign suppliers. 

Since its creation in 1998, ARZAK ST has been systematically developing and expanding its technical skills, by the outreach of innovative and commercial products, by investing in several regional agencies. 

TOMRA Fresh Food, a division of TOMRA Food which combines the expertise of BBC Technologies & Compac, is the global leader for turnkey post-harvest solutions in fresh food. We are an innovation-led, customer focused team driven by helping our customers achieve the best results in every aspect of their produce journey – from orchard to market. We see our customers as partners to our business; and partnering with TOMRA Fresh Food means unparalleled access to the highest performing technology in the industry. We design, develop, manufacture, install and maintain end-to-end packhouse solutions that reduce labour, increase throughput, improve accuracy and consistency, and provide market compliance and traceability.

The Klasmann-Deilmann is a leader in growing media production and commercialisation. More than 4
million m3 are produced each year. The company has developed numerous ranges designed for
vegetables, ornamental and fruit plants propagation. Klasmann-Deilmann has also developed a
specific range of substrate for berries, for propagation and production without soil.
Klasmann-Deilmann makes every effort to produce, deliver and advise the substrate adapted to the
needs of farmers.
The group has selected homogeneous and quality raw materials such as:

  •  Milled peat
  •  White peat fraction, extracted in blocks
  •  Perlite
  •  Coir
  •  GreenFibre – Klasmann-Deilmann wood fiber.

In close technical collaboration with the specialists of our distributor CASEM in Morocco, producers
are supported in choosing from this range the solutions best suited to their environment and their
cultivation methods. In addition, they benefit from a proximity and quality service as well as constant
availability of products.

Koppert Biological Systems develops sustainable solutions for the cultivation of food crops and ornamental plants.

Together with growers and in collaboration with nature, we contribute to making agriculture and horticulture healthier, safer, more productive and resilient.

We achieve this by deploying natural enemies to combat pest insects, by using bumblebees for natural pollination, and developing products that strengthen crops both above and underground.

Restoring and protecting ecosystems in a natural way, is the basis for healthy crops and a balanced environment.

Add our quality know-how and consultancy services to this and you will understand why an increasing number of growers regards us as a partner with whom they can realize their ambitions.

PROMAGRI est une société marocaine de distribution d’intrants agricoles : produits de protection des cultures, produits de nutrition des plantes et semences certifiées. 

L’entreprise est au service de l’agriculture marocaine depuis 1950.

Dotée d’un réseau de distribution très étendu, PROMAGRI dispose de 11 agences dans les principales régions agricoles du pays.  Les 3 mots d’ordre de la société sont : qualité, proximité et service.

L’entreprise participe au développement de l’agriculture marocaine en mettant à la disposition des agriculteurs les meilleures solutions grâce à une équipe composée d’ingénieurs agronomes et de techniciens agricoles qui est spécialisée, compétente et soucieuse des enjeux environnementaux. 

Aujourd’hui, PROMAGRI est entrain de faire évoluer son portefeuille produit en investissant sur des produits respectueux de l’environnement, de l’utilisateur et du consommateur final. Cette transition écologique ne peut se faire que grâce aux acteurs principaux de la chaine dont les distributeurs font partie.


Dutch Plantin produces innovative, durable and customer focused coco substrates for the professional horticulture worldwide. Quality with concern for the future. Our roots are Dutch, and our own factories are in the South of India. This combination guarantees a safe and reliable start for growing out of soil. With 30 years of experience Dutch Plantin is awarded the largest exporter of coir pith in India. 

Tessara, is well known for their Uvasys range of sulphur dioxide generators in the table grape industry, but the break into the blueberry industry with their Berrisys range was a novel development. Berrisys produces a very low dose of sulphur dioxide that shields the berries from fungal attack from Botrytis cinerea (grey mould) for weeks on end. It is a universal post-harvest fungal pathogen responsible for decay and fruit losses, even under properly maintained cold chain conditions.



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