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Fall Creek is a global leader in blueberry breeding and blueberry plant production. With wholly-owned nurseries in the US, Mexico, Peru, Spain, the Netherlands and South Africa.

Fall Creek delivers the best blueberry varieties, plants and technical support to the world’s leading commercial blueberry growers.

Fall Creek is the only global player who offers specific genetics adapted to all your climatological circumstances.


Molari Berries & Breeding: one brand, two souls. Molari Società Agricola S.S: the nursery focused on high-quality berries plants.
G-Berries S.r.l: the company involved in customized research and IP management. Beside blues and blacks, raspberries are our flagship product and we own international patents for the Enrosadira®, Castion® and Aurora® varieties, and also fort the two news Halley and Dorotea. Thanks to our cutting-edge research and development methods, Molari Berries & Breeding is a small company with an high and recognized global relevance. To connect every dots of berries supply chain, from distribution to growers is our daily goal.

CARTON PACK is a 50 years experienced packaging manufacturer in the fresh produce industry. Offering a wide range of printed flexible films, RPET containers and cardboard/paper packaging, the company is committed to social and environmental sustainability, with outstanding lead-time, flexibility and multi-material expertise.

We are Legro, a proud and independent family company with 275 employees. We were founded in 1924 and the fourth generation of Swinkels is currently at the helm. We can truthfully say that we are passionate about raw materials. As passionate as our customers, we work every day, on four continents, on producing the best, tailormade substrates and casing soils for, in particular, soft fruit, vegetable and mushroom growers around the entire globe. To maintain its optimum quality, we like to manage the entire process on our own. Therefore we own our own peat fields, coir treatment plant and blending factories.


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